ASP Baton

ASP Tactical Baton® (Certification #18510)

The ASP Tactical Baton Course is factory sanctioned by Armament Systems and Procedures and the training course are conducted by ASP Certified Instructors.

The ASP Difference: Simplicity

In the development of techniques for the ASP Tactical Baton®, no principal has higher consideration than simplicity. ASP techniques are simple to learn, easy to understand and effortless to remember. They are designed to work for all officers / persons, not just those highly skilled in psychomotor performance.

ASP skills do not include complicated holds. There are no advanced defensive techniques which usually serve only to highlight the skill of the instructor, not improve the performance of the student.
ASP Sanctioned Programs instruct officers to use the ASP Tactical Baton as an impact weapon, not merely as a comealong tool. Because of this, ASP techniques work in the street, not just in the ideal environment of a classroom or gymnasium. Due to their simplicity, ASP techniques are remembered and used on the street long after training ends.

ASP Basic Certification (ABC) Program

The ASP Basic Certification (ABC) program is designed to aquaint participants with operational use of the ASP Tactical Baton. The program is easy to learn and simple to understand. It provides efficient defensive impact weapon tactics for law enforcement personnel without long hours of training. The techniques were designed to work effectively for all law enforcement officers, male and female, large and small, fit as well as officers in less than peak physical condition.
ASP training provides techniques that work 90% of the time with 90% of the subjects an officer faces. However, as a realistic training program, ASP instruction recognizes that nothing works 100% of the time. For this reason, all ASP training retains the officer’s ability to disengage or escalate.
The training incorporates drills which simulate the stress of street encounters. By the end of the ABC program, participants will have a basic understanding of the conditions in which the baton may be used, justification for use and how to document these actions.

Contents: The training includes basic carry techniques, presentation (drawing) techniques, as well as defensive strikes.
Duration: 1 day (8 hrs)
Cost: R500-00
Pre-requisites: None
Requirements: All necessary training equipment will be supplied.

Certification acknowledges that the individual officer met a competency based standard of knowledge and performance regarding the ASP Tactical Baton.


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