Defensive Handgun Course

Defensive Handgun Course

With house robberies on a serious increase, the need for a skill set like this is critical for any and all house owners.

The Defensive Handgun Course is tailor made by Defensive Training Concepts for the use of a handgun in a home environment.

Course Contents: Safety, Selection of Firearm & Ammunition, Awareness, Tactics, Home Defense Planning, Mental Conditioning, Immediate Action Drills, Barricaded Shooting, Room Clearing, Low Light Shooting, etc. Course content may vary slightly from group to group depending on the group’s specific needs.

Course Duration: 16 hours (Theory: 4 hrs, Practical: 12 hrs) Course runs Friday evening & Saturday all day.
Cost: R2,500.00 per person
Pre-requisite: Basic proficiency with a handgun.
Equipment: The following list of equipment must be provided by the student:

  1. Handgun
  2. 2x Magazines with pouches
  3. 500 rounds of suitable ammunition
  4. Eye- & Ear Protection
  5. A sturdy belt & decent holster
  6. Hat, sun block & liquids

(Targets, patches and range fees will be supplied / included in the course fees.)

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123 Second Ave

Monday—Friday: 08h00–17h00
Saturday: 08h00-12h00
Sunday: Closed

011 – 907 6112


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