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One Mind – Any Weapon

CONSIDER THIS – For about the same price as the last pair of shoes you purchased, you can have one of the best training institutes in the world teaching you skills that will dramatically change your concept about self preservation, irrespective of whether you are well armed, or empty handed.

All you need, is ONE MIND… The right mind.

What does this mean to you?

It means the difference between winning or losing – being the victor or the victim – living or dying.

*Potential participants should be aware that DEFENSIVE TRAINING CONCEPTS training programs are competency based. Mere attendance of DEFENSIVE TRAINING CONCEPTS training courses does not assure certification

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123 Second Ave

Monday—Friday: 08h00–17h00
Saturday: 08h00-12h00
Sunday: Closed

011 – 907 6112


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Please make sure to visit this site on a regular basis as we are constantly updating the site and adding new training dates.