1. Introduction

Defensive Training Concepts C.C. was founded by Du Toit Lambrechts and Tyron Botha in 1998 and, due to growing business interests, was formally registered as a Close Corporation in 2004.

Defensive Training Concepts specializes in the training of civilians, security and law enforcement personnel in the use of firearms, weapons and tactics. Since its inception, Defensive Training Concepts has seen literally thousands of learners through its doors.

In the background of our logo, the “Combat Triangle” consists of 4 levels, of which Mindset forms the basis. The curved arrow forms the OODA-loop, filled with the Colour Codes of Awareness. The double-edged dagger (a SOG Dessert Dagger) symbolizes specialized training. The grey colour of the triangle symbolizes the ever presence of the “Old Grey One”. You’ll get to know more about these on any of our training courses.  Defensive Training Concepts holds trade marks on both this logo and our slogan.


Once again emphasizing the importance of the right mindset, and the peace of mind that comes with skill at arms.

  1. Credentials, Accreditations, Associations & Qualifications

Defensive Training Concepts is accredited with the PFTC (Professional Firearm Trainers Council), SAS (Safety and Security) Seta accredited service provider (Accreditation Number:  051940000136), registered as a security service provider with PSIRA (Registration Number: 2140435), as well as an accredited training provider with the South African Police Services (Accreditation Number: 4000150).

Defensive Training Concepts is currently accredited to provide training in 3 Skills Programs, 1 full qualification, and a total of 58 unit standards, with additional unit standards pending and have moderators and assessors in more unit standards.

Defensive Training Concepts makes use of firearm training material, developed by International Training Academy for most of its unit standard based training. We are also closely involved with the development of training material with ITA.  Du Toit Lambrechts has been serving on the ITA Board of Counselors since 2000, and is currently Vice-Chairperson of the South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council (PFTC).  Apart from the official SAQA Unit Standards, Defensive Training Concepts also presents an additional 15-20 training courses relating to firearms, knives, gas, batons, rope work, etc.

Defensive Training Concepts is a registered vendor, supplying services & products to the following companies / departments:

    • South African Police Services
    • Eskom (All 4 business units)
    • Department of Water Affairs
    • Anglo Platinum
    • Correctional Services
    • Ekurhuleni Metro
    • Anglo Ashanti Gold

Defensive Training Concepts and its instructors are registered members of the South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council (PFTC), once more committing ourselves to providing with pride and ethics, the best quality training available in the market.

  1. Continuous Instructor & Training Methodology Development

“Sometimes a teacher – Always a student” is the approach at Defensive Training Concepts. We continuously strive to improve our practical skills, deepen our theoretical knowledge, and broaden our general knowledge in our field of business by attending training session offered by experts in different fields.

Some of these companies and experts include: Rob Haught (Symtac Tactical Training, USA), Dennis Martin (CQB Services, U.K.), Tom Sotis (AMOK!), Master Evan Pantazi and Grand Master Jim Corn (Kyusho International), Andre Pretorius (International Firearms Training Academy), Jim Wagner (Jim Wagner Reality Based Training), Scott Sonnon (TACFIT) and ASP (USA).

  1. Area of Operation & Capabilities

Defensive Training Concepts is based in Alberton, Gauteng, but we can deliver training courses anywhere in South Africa, by sourcing the type of facilities required for the specific training course, at a location closest to the client.

We currently have 8 registered assessors, including 3 moderators and 5 tactical instructors, as well as 5 more range officers.

  1. Civilian Courses
  • Firearm Training – we offer the entire range of firearm related Unit Standards for civilian ownership including Muzzle-Loading firearms.
  • Knife Training – we offer a defensive as well as an offensive knife course.
  • Pepper Spray Courses – 2 courses, one for law enforcement and the other for civilian self defense purposes.
  • Self Defense – self defense courses developed specifically, according to the needs of the client.
  • CQC – We offer a 12 week part-time Close Quarter Combat (Unarmed) course.
  1. Security Courses
  • Firearm Training Courses – we offer all the available firearm training courses for Business Purposes for all four types of firearms.
  • Tactical Training – The complete SWAT course is offered over a 5-day course or adapted to suit the client’s needs.
  • Bi-annual Assessments – Regulation 21 Assessments are conducted on a regular basis to security companies.
  • PSIRA General Security Practices Skills Programs 1, 2 & 3
  • PSIRA Close Protection Skills Program
  1. Specialised Courses

Defensive Training Concepts offer a variety of specialized courses, including but not limited to the following:

  • SWAT
  • Tactical Medicine
  • Drug Identification & Evidence Gathering
  • Handcuffing & Arrest Techniques
  • Weapon Retention & Recovery
  • Tactical Marksmanship
  • Spoorsny
  • Range Officers
  • Firearm Instructors

Feel free to contact us should you require a customized course within the scope of our field.

  1. Corporate Training
  • Team Building – Mini SWAT training course with simulated scenarios and practical exercises.
  • Fun Shoots – We arrange shooting days with a variety of firearms, including muzzle-loaders dating from the 1700’s up to modern day firearms.
  • Hijack Prevention Training
  • Talks on Self Defense and Practical Short Self Defense Courses
  1. Products

We supply a wide variety of equipment related to our fields of training, including tactical equipment, firearm accessories, first aid equipment, training aids, ghillie suits, camo nets, etc.   Please contact us for a complete list of items.

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Sunday: Closed

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