Defensive Knife Course

Defensive Knife Course


Our Defensive Knife Training Course was developed with Defensive Training Concepts’ Training Philosophy taken into consideration. The techniques are all very simple, easy to learn and remember, with mind-boggling results by using the SPYDERCO Civilian / Merlin curved blade configuration. The techniques taught in this course are not intended to kill your attacker, but to inflict incredible pain and incapacitate the attacker instantly, allowing you the opportunity to escape or arrest the villain. Since the techniques do not rely on physical strength, it is particularly suited for women and children who normally lack the physical strength to defend themselves effectively against an attack.

The course contents include the following subjects: Mindset, Body  language, Knife selection, Target areas, Defense against a variety of attacks and Scenario training. The course consists of approximately 45 minutes of theory and balance of practical exercises and scenario training.

Course Duration: 4 hours

Pre-requisite: None
Time of registration: 18:00
Course runs 18h30 – 22h30
Requirements: None. All training equipment will be supplied.

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