Range Officer Course

Range Officer Course


The Range Officer’s training course is set to SAQA Unit Standard 123516 – Supervise Shooting Exercises.

The Range Officers training course will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to run & manage a shooting range and/or shooting exercises.  Most ranges require a visitor to be in possession of a Range Officers Certificate to be allowed onto the range unsupervised.

Course Contents: Legal Aspects (Civil Liability), Occupational Health & Safety aspects, Administrative requirements of a shooting range, Duties of a Range Officer, the Practical Supervision & running of a range, Range Equipment & Maintenance and the relevant SABS Standards. At the end of the course the learner need to complete a Practical Evaluation, and a Theoretical Exam.

Course Duration: About 20 hours (Theory: 12 hrs, Practical: 8 hrs) The course normally runs on a Wednesday-evening and Saturday-day. Before attending the classes the learner need to work through the training manual and complete the open book exam inside the manual.

Pre-requisite: Must have completed “Knowledge of the FCA” (U/S 117705), as well as “Handle & Use” of the specific type of firearms that the learner will be supervising on the range.

Equipment: The learner must supply the following equipment on the practical: Firearm/s, spare magazines, holster, mag-pouches, ammunition (Min 200 rounds), eye & ear protection, and refreshments.

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