SWAT Training

Defensive Training Concepts offer the 4 SAQA Tactical Unit Standards as a basis for our tactical training course.

The base course is run over 5 days and can be tailored to suit the customers needs. Additional modules can be added to the course.

The base course consists of the following 4 unit standards:

  • 123510 – Apply Tactical Knowledge in the use of Firearms
  • 123512 – Demonstrate Tactical Proficiency with a Shotgun
  • 123513 – Demonstrate Tactical Proficiency with a Handgun
  • 123518 – Demonstrate Tactical Proficiency with a Self-Loading Rifle or Carbine

Additional modules may include: Close Quarter Combat, Combat Fitness, Advanced Driving, Counter-Sniping Drills, Foreign Weapons Familiarization, etc.

Course Duration: Typically 5 days, but can be adjusted to suit customer needs.

Cost: R6,995-00 per person (Own firearms & ammunition). Part-time civilian courses are also presented. Contact us for more information.

Pre-requisites: Candidates should have completed either the 123xxx-series of Unit Standards (Business Purposes), for the firearm types they would like to use on the Tactical Course. Any candidate who has not completed the mentioned Unit Standards will have to attend a Pre-Course Evaluation with us. No official course certificate may be issued to any candidate whom has not completed the required entry unit standards. Please contact us for more info.

Kit List: The following kit will be required for the course – if you have any specific problems with kit, firearms or ammunition, please contact me. All equipment can be supplied by Defensive Training Concepts at an additional cost.

  1. Handgun: Semi-auto, preferably 9mmP or .40S&W
  2. 4x Magazines for handgun (minimum)
  3. Handgun holster with positive retention.
  4. 2x Magazine Pouches
  5. Shotgun: Pump-action or Semi with a sling
  6. Shotgun ammunition carrier / pouch
  7. Rifle: Semi-auto with a sling
  8. 2x Magazines for rifle (minimum)
  9. 2x Magazine Pouches
  10. Ammunition:
    • Handgun: 400 rounds of range ammo (or 600 if no rifle & shotgun)
    • Shotgun: 200 rounds
    • Rifle: 200 rounds
  11. Handheld Tactical Torch
  12. Eye & Ear Protection
  13. Knee Protection
  14. * Bullet Resistant Vest
  15. * Elbow Protection
  16. * Load Bearing / Tactical Vest
  17. * Duty Rig
  18. * Jumpsuit
  19. * Boots

* – Indicated optional items.

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