Point Shooting Course

Most all modern gunfights have three characteristics in common:

  1. Close Range. How close? Less than 1.5 meters in more than 50% of the cases. That’s less than 6’. That’s less than a single body length. It is up close and personal.
  2. Low Light Conditions. An estimated 65% of ‘shooting incidents’ takes place ‘after-hours’.
  3. Extreme Stress. Anybody ever tried to kill you? Well, apart from being up close, this is also very personal.

Under these circumstances, you will suffer severe body alarm reactions, which will cause you to lose normal sight, hearing, rational thinking and a string of other ‘side-effects’. What you’ve learned in your R150-3-hour-Handgun Orientation Course will fly, together with the paw-paw, into the fan. You will miss your target – YES, even when his closer than 2 arm lengths away from you, and you might lose your life…

The principles of this Point Shooting Course feeds of your body’s alarm reactions and will tremendously increase the possibility that you will achieve a hit under severe stress.

Contents: Characteristics of a Modern Gunfight, Body Alarm Reactions, Principles of Point Shooting and a lot of practical exercises.

Course Duration: 8 hours (Theory: 2 hrs, Practical: 6 hrs)
Cost: R1,450.00 per person
Pre-requisite: Basic Proficiency with a Handgun
Equipment: The following list of equipment must be provided by the student:

  1. Handgun
  2. 1x Magazine with pouch
  3. 350 rounds of suitable ammunition
  4. Eye- & Ear Protection
  5. A sturdy belt & decent holster
  6. Hat, sun block & liquids

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