Handgun Skillbuilder Program

Handgun Skillbuilder Program


The Handgun Skill Builder Program is a progressive 10-class training program run over a couple of months – each class building on what were learnt in the previous class, covering everything from shooting fundamentals up to engaging moving multiple targets from various positions and stress induction exercises.

 Contents: Practical application of shooting fundamentals, presentation, IAD’s, mag changes, multiple shots, multiple targets, different firing positions, stoppage drills, SOPs – everything is hands-on practical exercises that take your handgun shooting skills to the top 5% in the country.

Course Duration: 10 practical sessions of about 3 hours each plus 5 dry sessions / theoretical classes.

Pre-requisite: Basic Proficiency with a Handgun

Equipment: A complete kit list will be provided at the course briefing about 2 weeks before the course commences. Contact us to book your place.

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