Firearm Business Purposes

Firearm Business Purposes


The “Business Purposes” training refer to the SAQA Unit Standards 123-series and is internationally comparable to intermediate level training. This is also the minimum training level legally required in South Africa for a person to be issued with a company firearm to preform his duties, eg a security officer, or field guide.

Use for Business Purposes”-series are basically the same for all the different types of firearms, with specific differences in certain modules, e.g. Awareness is the same for all types of firearms, where Immediate Action Drills will be firearm specific.

The following Unit Standards are relevant:

Unit Standard name: U/S No: Typical Firearm:
1 Handle & Use a Handgun for Business Purposes 123515 A revolver or pistol
2 Handle & Use a Shotgun for Business Purposes 123514 Pump action or double-barrel shotgun
3 Handle & Use a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine for Business Purposes 123519 A bolt-action hunting rifle
4 Handle & Use a Self-loading Rifle or Carbine for Business Purposes 123511 A semi-automatic rifle, e.g. a LM6

The Handle & Use for Business Purposes-course is an intermediate-level course specifically for persons who use firearms in a work related environment. This course is also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for private firearm owners who would like to take their training to the next level.

Course Contents: Firearm Safety, Ballistics, Firing stances & Barricaded shooting, Immediate Action Drills, Reloads, Handling of Suspects, Psychological Preparation, a Practical Evaluation, a Theoretical Exam and a Qualification Shoot.

Course Duration: About 20 hours (Theory: 12 hrs, Practical: 8 hrs) The course normally runs on a Thursday-evening, Saturday-day (Practical) & Tuesday-evening (one course). Before attending the classes the learner need to work through the training manual and complete the open book exam in the manual.

Cost: R1200.00 per person (firearms & ammo excluded) per firearm type.

Pre-requisite: Must have completed “Knowledge of the FCA” (U/S 117705), as well as “Handle & Use” of the specific type of firearm.

Equipment: The following equipment will be provided: training manuals, eye- & ear protection, targets, patches, range fees. The learners must supply their own firearm, spare magazines, holster, mag-pouches & ammunition (200 rounds). These can be supplied by Defensive Training Concepts at an additional charge of R400.

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