Buying a firearm…? Here’s how!

Buying a firearm…? Here’s how!

The process of purchasing and licensing a firearm is as simple as 1… 2… 3…!

Step 1: Complete the necessary training course.

Having decided what TYPE of firearm you would like to purchase, you need to complete the required training course. There is an distinction between handgun (pistol or revolver), shotgun, hunting rifle, semi-auto rifles and muzzle-loading firearms. Click here to see the basic (competency level) course info.

On successful completion of your training course, you will be issued a Training Provider Certificate and a PFTC Statement of Results.

This part of the process normally takes about 1-2 weeks.

Step 2: Apply for competency with the SAPS

With the certificate and SOR received from the training provider, you can now apply for your competency certificate with the SAPS. You would also require to take a couple of other items with – we will discuss it during course.

As soon as your competency is approved, you can collect the printout from your nearest DFO.

This part of the process normally takes about 6-8 weeks.

Step 3: Apply for the Firearm License!

Before applying for the firearm license, you would need to purchase a firearm from a dealer / a private person. The firearm license application is for a specific firearm, caliber, serial number, etc. Both you and the current owner need to complete parts of the application form. The license application also require you to submit a comprehensive motivation as to why you NEED the firearm – contact us, we can help.

This part of the process normally takes about 6-8 weeks.

Step 4: Come back for refresher training and then some more advanced training with Defensive Training Concepts. 🙂